Sights & Sounds of the Nebraska Sandhills

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The last week in April I had a chance to spend a few days roaming through the Sandhills of Central Nebraska. The main goal of this trip was to record sounds without any “Human Noise Pollution” and to capture images … Continue reading


Union Pacific 844 – The passing of an Era…

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Union Pacific Steam Locomotive 844 passed through town this week on it’s way to Arkansas for the 150th Shiloh Civil War Anniversary “Shiloh Limited Steam Special”. I was 16 when I had my first chance to chase the Northern class … Continue reading


Finding Sounds in the Strangest of Places

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The last week in February my mum went in for hip surgery at the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital in Omaha.  As you walk through the front door, the first thing you notice/hear is this huge, beautiful water fountain off to the … Continue reading


Marantz PMD 661 Field Recorder… Is it worth the Money?

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In January of 2011 I bought a Zoom H4n to do some voice-over and ambient sound recordings with. Although this little recorder is packed full of features, the preamps really lack the sound quality needed for semi-professional work. In searching … Continue reading